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POP’s Max-Deductible™ system works with you to maximise your tax return and get up to date as fast as possible.

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POP Tax is certified
and trusted by the organisations that matter

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What is POP Tax?

POP Tax is the latest and most innovative smart online engine developed to max your tax back through an easy-to-use innovative platform.

This completely ATO-accredited platform was created to help you do all your tax lodgements and provide a solution that answers the age-old question - "who should I trust to do my tax return?"

Our smart proprietary engine Max-Deductible is easy to use, super-fast and can be up to 10x more cost-effective than using a traditional old-school accountant.

POP Tax Max Deductible Portal

Max-Deductible™ Smart Engine

Isn’t it about time you traded in your old accountant for an intelligent online engine?

Tailored specifically to you and your industry, our Max-Deductible smart engine navigates you through a comprehensive checklist of every potential tax deduction that someone in your occupation and industry might qualify for, thereby empowering you to maximise your refund.

Get Paid up to $1,000 Instantly

Get your tax refund paid within 24 business hours of submitting your tax return with our Same Day Tax Refunds.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Get your same day tax return prepared with no up-front costs! Pay from your refund when using the Instant Tax Refund to get the maximum cash paid faster.

Fast & Easy – Lodge in Under 10 Minutes

Lodge your tax return instantly using POP’s online tax return platform. Lodging your tax return has never been easier.

Claim The Maximum Tax Refund

Use POP’s revolutionary Max Deductible system. Deduction tips are tailored to your occupation to ensure you get the maximum tax refund possible.

Need more information? See our Same Day Refund FAQ’s

If you meet the eligibility requirements, POP will pay your tax refund on the same day if you lodge your return before 3 pm on weekdays.

If you submit your tax return on a weekend, our accountants will review your return on the following Monday and pending there are no further actions needed, your refund will be processed to your nominated bank account within 24 business hours.

Any additional tax refund due above the instant tax refund will be paid once the ATO has processed your return. This typically takes 14 days on average.

One of POP’s accountants will review your tax return for completeness and accuracy of information.

If any information is missing or needs to be verified, your dedicated accountant will be in touch to get your return lodged ASAP.

Your return will go to the ATO for their processing. If there are no issues, your refund will usually be paid within 14 business days.

POP will deduct their fees and the monies loaned from your total refund, then pay the remaining balance of the refund to you.

Unfortunately, if you have unpaid/overdue child support payments, overdue ATO debts or overdue Centrelink debts, you will be ineligible for this service. The reason being – your refund will offset any overdue debts reducing any cash you may receive to potentially nil.

You will still be able to lodge your return and maximise your tax refund via POP’s Max DeductibleTM system.

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POP’s Pricing

POP not only promises the best prices going, we also guarantee to max your tax back™.
Depending on your situation, we offer a range of options for self-service online tax returns and returns completed by a dedicated POP Tax accountant

Self-Service Online Tax Returns

Excludes Sole Traders, ABN Holders and Small Businesses. Head over to POP Business for all your business tax, financial and advisory needs.

Low Income

DIY Online Tax Returns
$ 19
  • Income below $20,000
  • Lodge Now, Pay Later
  • Lodge in 10 minutes
  • Industry tailored deductions


DIY Online Tax Returns
$ 49
  • Income above $20,000
  • Lodge Now, Pay Later
  • Lodge in 10 minutes
  • Industry-tailored deductions


DIY Online Tax Returns
$ 99
  • Additional income sources e.g:
  • Rental Income
  • Shares
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Capital Gains

Same Day

DIY Online Tax Returns
$ 169
  • Get paid up to $1000
  • 24h turnaround
  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Lodge in 10 minutes
  • Industry-tailored deductions

Dedicated POP Tax Accountant

Excludes Sole Traders, ABN Holders and Small Businesses. Head over to POP Business for all your business tax, financial and advisory needs.

We Do It For You

Dedicated POP Tax Accountant
$ 199
  • Perfect for those with no time to do it themselves
  • Your tax return completed by an expert accountant
  • Our dedicated Chartered Accountants maximise your return

Cryptocurrency Tax Returns

Dedicated POP Tax Accountant
$ 399
  • Accurate crypto tax reporting by Crypto Tax Calculator
  • Your crypto tax return completed by an expert accountant
  • Ensures you’re meeting your crypto tax obligations
  • Optional:
  • Crypto Tax Calculator - 1 Year Subscription
  • Cryptocurrency Bookkeeping

For Sole Traders, ABN holders and small businesses, visit POP Business

What Our Customers Say

We focus on tax, so you can focus on you!

Markus Pue
Markus Pue
Read More
Knowledgeable team and fantastic service.

It's a relief to have this burden lifted and will be using POP Tax again in future!
Amrit Rupasinghe
Amrit Rupasinghe
Read More
By using POP Tax I got a bunch of money as a refund which I wouldn't have otherwise.

The platform provides an intuitive user experience.

I fully recommend the service!
Junilda Ross
Junilda Ross
Read More
As a newcomer to Australia and not quite understanding the tax rules, it really helps to have accountants who are patient and professional to help navigate the complexities of tax and super in a new country.
Andrew Corfield
Andrew Corfield
Read More
Answered all of my questions. Fast and efficient, without compromising detail. Definitely recommend for your individual tax return.
Marco Lavielle
Marco Lavielle
Read More
Great communication and service from POP Tax. Made submitting my tax return super easy. They answered all my questions promptly and thoroughly. Highly recommended.
Patrick Roberts
Patrick Roberts
Read More
So easy to deal with. This is the first year of a more complex return and the POP Tax team were so on the ball. Easier than lodging through the ATO itself, great customer service available to chat to for extra advice and the best part is, I sent my tax return yesterday and they were able to process half of my return into my account the same day. Can't ask for much more than that!
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