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Our Story

The lightbulb moment.

A trio of ambitious professionals turned disruptive fintech entrepreneurs named Patrick Sargent, Sid Cachuela and Mojtaba Jafari noticed the tax industry wasn’t evolving with the times or with the people.

With their insights into Tax, Innovation and Engineering, they made it their mission to engage and excite Australians with a better, faster, simpler and more accessible tax platform for everyone.

The combination of years as a qualified Chartered Accountant and Masters in IT and Engineering created a platform that lets you do all your tax lodgements whilst optimising your tax return, faster and easier than ever before.

Introducing POP

An “intelligent online engine”, POP not only simplifies and streamlines the chore of doing your tax return, it also ensures you max your tax back™ faster – and all for a low price and at a speed no human accountant could match. Completely ATO-accredited, you access POP via its easy-to-use and streamlined website.

So, how’s it work? Unique to POP is its proprietary smart engine dubbed Max-Deductible™. System upon thousands of real-life taxpayers’ returns across multiple industries, it incorporates years of collected data, professional accounting knowledge and on-the-job experience.

As soon as you enter your profession, the system gets straight to work. The Max-Deductible™ system generates tax deductions that someone in your line of work may qualify for. The engine then prompts you to build your eligible deductions and violà, your Max Tax Back.

Result? Max your tax back™

With POP, doing your tax no longer has to be so, well… taxing. And in a modern world, isn’t it time for a simpler, faster and cost-effective way of filing your tax, that also makes sure you maximise your tax return?

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