Tax Online… Save Money, Save Time

There are loads of options when it comes to completing your tax return. Perhaps you would enjoy a visit to an accountant or tax advisor, who are legendary for their entertaining dry humour. Maybe you would like to jump on a government supplied website, where the word, “free” is used with reckless abandon, despite the […]

The Secret Lives of Accountants

Why They’re Not so Boring After All Accountants are strange creatures, with hunched shoulders and thick glasses; they excel at… erm… Excel and only come out of their cubicles to buy coffee and eat those plain biscuits nobody else wants. At POP, we’ve gone all David Attenborough on accountants and have followed them at a […]

What is the Tax-free Threshold?

The 2017/2018 tax-free threshold is $18,200. Simple right? Now you know the answer and we get to write the shortest article ever. Except with tax, nothing is ever that easy. There are a bunch of intricacies and technicalities that will dictate whether or not you need to fill in a tax return, or something called […]

Tax Deduction Tips for University Students

Let’s get something out of the way first of all. In order to claim tax deductions, you must have earned money and paid tax to the ATO. So, if you’re a full-time student and don’t have a job, then you are not eligible to claim deductions and can go back to enjoying your life without […]

5 Deductions You Might Be Missing Out On

Getting through a tax return is hard (and dull) enough without the added stress of working out everything that you’re eligible to claim for. The annoying thing is that every time you miss out on claiming something, you lose money to the ATO. Not only is that cash you’re entitled to, you might even find […]

Why am I Lodging my Tax Return with POP?

At tax time, we all get that feeling of impending dread. Who has the time or the inclination to wade through receipts or jump onto Google and ask “what should I claim on my tax return?” And then, frustrated, end up going to a tax advisor, paying them a decent chunk of your potential refund, […]

Decoding Tax Online – Here’s Why Anyone Can Do It

We know what you want; an online solution that’s quick and easy and that allows you to get the refund you’re entitled to, without the hassle. You don’t want to have to pay for an accountant or tax advisor when you don’t need one. You want a system that will guide you through the process […]

You Could be Minutes Away from Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars

Tax returns in 10 Minutes or Less – You’re Welcome Money may be the root of all evil, but let’s be fair, it’s also nice to have. Especially when it’s unexpected. Here at POP tax, we’ve been known to use our pocket money to buy the important things, like inappropriate board games and cakes. It’s […]

Animals with tax returns, are they earning more than you?

We don’t like to limit ourselves here at POP, so when we research available tax deductions, why stop at humans? After all, many of the creatures that wander the earth have been around for much longer than us, and so surely they have a more in-depth understanding of tax rules and legislation. It’s just common […]

3 ways to blow your return in a day….AND BE OK WITH IT

Congratulations, you’ve collected your receipts, claimed for all the right things and now you’re on the receiving end of a tax return big enough to choke a donkey. So, what next? Well, you could save, pay off some credit card debt or use your newfound wealth to do something relatively good in the world? Haha, […]