The Strangest Things People Buy with Their Tax Refunds

At POP, we help people just like you get the best possible tax refund in less time than it takes you to cook an omelette. With bacon, and cheese and tomatoes and maybe some of that green speckly stuff.Man, omelettes are awesome.Anyways, in the interests of realising how diverse our community is, here are a […]

Truth or Dare… People Expose their Dirty Tax Return Purchases

People are weird. Not all the time, but if you put humans in circumstances where they can make responsible and adult decisions based on experience, they inevitably won’t. Tax season is just such a circumstance. As tax season starts, we bundle together our receipts, pull on our reading glasses and work our way through the […]

10 Easy Ways to Get Your Best Tax Return Ever

Claim Your Phone Expenses Be Organised with Receipts Benchmark Against Other People In Your Job Industry Specific Deductions Tools and Equipment Your Car Working from Home Studying Don’t Neglect the Cheap Stuff The ATO Does Not Have a Sense of Humour Are you doing your tax return yourself to save some cash? Great idea, except […]

Animals with tax returns, are they earning more than you?

We don’t like to limit ourselves here at POP, so when we research available tax deductions, why stop at humans? After all, many of the creatures that wander the earth have been around for much longer than us, and so surely they have a more in-depth understanding of tax rules and legislation. It’s just common […]

3 ways to blow your return in a day….AND BE OK WITH IT

Congratulations, you’ve collected your receipts, claimed for all the right things and now you’re on the receiving end of a tax return big enough to choke a donkey. So, what next? Well, you could save, pay off some credit card debt or use your newfound wealth to do something relatively good in the world? Haha, […]