What do I need to complete my tax return?

Get these 7 things ready and you are on track for a great tax refund. 1. Tax File Number 2. Bank details 3. Last year’s tax return 4. Details of your education debt5. Your income details6. Details of your expenses7. Family, Health and Other details Tax File Number (TFN) Your TFN is your personal reference number in the tax […]

Migrating to Australia – Tax Tips

Migrating to Australia Migrating to Australia is one of the most exciting and adventurous life events. Living in another country will have its challenges especially trying to understand a new tax system. We’ve compiled for your convenience a few important things you’ll need to know to help you flourish financially. Here are just a few […]

Freelancers & Sole Traders Tax Tips

Taxes 101: Freelancers & Sole Traders Edition Whether you’re a freelance creative, a mumrepreneur or have taken to plunge to finally launch your own business selling a product or service, you’re a bit spesh when it comes to lodging your tax return. There are a whole lotta things that you’ll need to consider. But don’t […]

8 Things Students can Claim….

Tax is a funny beast. This means students can claim expenses that are incurred whilst working in a career related to the field of study. If you have any doubts, get in touch with us to ensure you are confident in making one of the claims below. Here are eight things you can claim: 1. […]

Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents

 What can Real Estate Agents Claim For? Being a real estate agent means long hours, loads of travel and having to deal with indecisive buyers and slow acting sellers. It’s great when things are going well, but it can also be the most frustrating career ever – sometimes all in the same week. Here are […]

Tax Tips for Part Time Workers

What can Part-Time Workers Claim For? Travel Home Office Clothing Equipment Stationary   The popularity of part-time work is skyrocketing. Businesses are learning that it’s often easier and more cost-effective to hire highly capable people who can complete tasks effectively within in a shorter period then is to hire full-time staff. Part-time workers are reaping […]

Tax Tips for Office Workers

What can Office Workers Claim For? Travel Equipment Professional Fees Subscriptions Charity Donations Administration and office support staff never get any of the glory. There aren’t any conferences to celebrate the accuracy of paperwork or the correct filing of documentation. Awards always go to those glory hogs in sales and those well-preened marketers…whose job makes […]

Tax Tips for Tradies

What can Tradies Claim For? Tools and equipment Repairs Training and Upskilling Sunglasses and Sunscreen Safety Equipment Union Fees Being a tradie in Australia is hard…we assume. As accountants, POP only leave the air-conditioned comfort of our office to buy snacks or return to our darkened homes. But all that sunlight, heavy lifting and measuring […]

Tax Tips for Retail Workers

What can Retail Workers Claim For? Work-Related Technology Vehicle Expenses Stationary Books and Magazines Equipment and Safety Clothing Cleaning Working in retail is the very best and worst of jobs. You get days off during the week and when it’s busy, the days fly by. Also, you get invited to product knowledge sessions (with booze), […]

Tax Tips for Freelancers

Put money aside for unexpected expenses Claim for your home office Act like a business Take pictures of your receipts If you’re a freelancer, then you have enough to worry about without adding tax obligations to the list. But as any sole trader or freelance professional will tell you, if you don’t think about tax […]