Accounting for Start-up Businesses

Start-up Businesses As a small business owner, you are responsible for everything. From finding new clients to dealing with enquiries and ensuring your product or service is the best on the market, the buck stops with you. So, entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to outsource their accounting, usually to a local accounting firm. The […]

BAS for Uber Drivers

 As an Uber driver, you are responsible for your own tax obligations and the income you receive will be taxed. This is further complicated due to the transparent nature of Uber’s platform, which we’ll discuss in more detail in a moment. Firstly, let’s make sure you don’t get caught short – Don’t Spend All […]

Working from Home

‘Run your business from home? Find out how to get those tax deductions!’ So, you’ve set-up your workspace at home and you’re enjoying all the benefits of choosing your work hours and working from home. Which include Netflix on the lounge, strolls to get coffee at random hours and those amazing sleep-ins. Who are we […]

Tax Tips for Hospitality Workers

What can Hospitality Workers Claim For? “Can I have a double brakenberry and fleck?” asked the blonde girl with a nose ring, almost screaming over the music. “Sorry, what?” you respond, catching the eye of the nearest security guard. “You know,” she slurs, “a…. wait…. what? Brakenbrake.” “Water.” She nods. “Good idea.” Working in hospitality […]

Tax Tips for Teachers

What can Teachers deduct? Those Things You ‘Just Buy’ Working From Home Self-Education Union Fees, Memberships, Blue Card, Teacher Registration Teaching is an easy job; just wake up every day and create an entertaining, engaging environment and shape the future leaders of our country. Also, deal with parents, all of who assume that their little […]

Tax Tips for Nurses

What can Nurses Claim For? Education and Memberships Safety Items Your Vehicle Laundry Long shifts, challenging patients and demanding doctors. You’re physically and mentally exhausted and are looking forward to having a few hours of time to yourself before you have to go back to work. Perhaps you’ll sleep, maybe you’ll go for a walk […]

How Australians Spend Their Tax Refund

According to the ATO*, Australians received an average tax refund of $2112, with 82% of taxpayers lodging their return on time in order to get it quickly. But what was the hurry? What do Australians spend their tax refund on? It ends up we’re quite a responsible bunch. 29% of us paid bills. This makes […]

We Reveal the Sneakiest (Legal) Tax Deductions You Can Make

Prepay for Stuff Offset Gains Against Losses Put That EOFY Bonus into Super End of financial year is a time for reflection, planning and staring at your eligible deductions hoping you can find something else to sneak in there. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; today we are going to reveal the sneakiest tax deductions […]

Top 5 Things POP Gives You That Nobody Else Can

Speed Cheapest Plain English 100% Safe and Secure Easy… So Easy At POP, we are not good at everything. Our touch rugby team hasn’t won a game in four years, and our indoor netball team just got beaten by a group of under-nines from a local primary school. So we play to our strengths. Here […]

Tax Online… Save Money, Save Time

There are loads of options when it comes to completing your tax return. Perhaps you would enjoy a visit to an accountant or tax advisor, who are legendary for their entertaining dry humour. Maybe you would like to jump on a government supplied website, where the word, “free” is used with reckless abandon, despite the […]