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POP not only promises the best prices going for crypto tax returns, we also guarantee to maximise your deductions and ensure you meet all your crypto tax obligations. We offer crypto tax returns for a flat fee as well as discounts on crypto tax reporting through our partner Crypto Tax Calculator.

POP Tax - Crypto Tax Return

* Price inclusive of GST
$ 399*
  • Completed by an expert accountant
  • Ensure crypto tax return meets obligations
  • Optional:
  • 20% off annual Crypto Tax Calculator subscription

Get 20% off Crypto Tax Calculator (CTC) Subscriptions


$ 101.60*
  • Up to 2500 Transactions
  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Exchange API Sync
  • CSV File Import
  • FIFO, LIFO & Specific ID
  • Capital Gains Tax Report
  • Income Tax Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Online Chat Support


$ 199.20*
  • Up to 10,000 Transactions
  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Exchange API Sync
  • CSV File Import
  • FIFO, LIFO & Specific ID
  • Capital Gains Tax Report
  • Income Tax Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Online Chat Support


$ 319.20*
  • Up to 100,000 Transactions
  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Exchange API Sync
  • CSV File Import
  • Capital Gains Tax Report
  • Income Tax Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Online Chat Support
  • FIFO, LIFO & Specific ID
  • Staking, Mining, Airdrops, DeFi
  • Long/Short, Margin, Derivatives & Futures Trades

*Pricing and features of all CTC plans are subject to change by Crypto Tax Calculator.

Please check their Australian Pricing page for the most up to date information.

20% discount applies to current CTC price in AUD for the first year of your subscription.

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Crypto Tax Bookkeeping from $150/hour

Crypto tax return bookkeeping is a service we provide to manually calculate the capital gains or losses, as well as reconcile cryptocurrency transactions.  This can also involve the audit of a crypto capital gains report.  Bookkeeping is not required for all crypto tax returns, and is only required under certain circumstances.

When would I require Crypto Bookkeeping?

For the majority of standard cryptocurrency transactions, a crypto capital gains tax report generated from CTC should be sufficient to meet your ATO obligations. However if you have unreconciled transactions, or if you have used exchanges that are not compatible with CTC, crypto bookkeeping would be required.  This usually occurs when you use decentralised exchanges or have not kept accurate records of your transactions.

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Crypto Tax Return FAQ's

As the world leader in Cryptocurrency regulation, the ATO requires cryptocurrency exchanges to provide them with the information of Australians engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.  As of 2021, the ATO is aware of around 600,000 Australians who may have crypto tax obligations.

What does this mean for you?

Unlike what many people think, cryptocurrency does have tax implications.  Under the Australian taxation system, it is most commonly treated as an asset like shares and requires the reporting of capital gain or losses for any disposal of cryptocurrency.

Not all types of cryptocurrency transactions are taxable.

For example, if you buy cryptocurrency, you do not have to report it on your tax return. However when you dispose of it, you will have to as this triggers a Capital Gains taxable event.

Donating cryptocurrency to a charitable cause is also tax-free and can even be claimed as a tax deduction!

Other types of cryptocurrency transactions can have different tax reporting methods and can also differ depending on whether you’re operating as an individual or as a business.  For more information, check out our blog.

Capital Gains Tax is the tax applied to the gain or loss made when disposing of an asset such as a share, property or in this case cryptocurrency.  

This gain or loss is reported on your tax return.

As mentioned, the ATO is aware of cryptocurrency trades that haven’t been reported for capital gains tax and is beginning to crack down on these outstanding events.

capital gains tax (CGT) event occurs when you dispose of your cryptocurrency. A disposal can occur when you:

  • Sell or gift cryptocurrency
  • Trade or exchange cryptocurrency 
  • Convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency, such as Australian dollars.

You will make a capital gain if the capital proceeds from the disposal of the cryptocurrency are more than its cost base. Even if the market value of your cryptocurrency changes, you do not make a capital gain or loss until you dispose of it.

If you have experienced a capital gain through the year, you will need to include this in your tax return. Get in touch with the team at POP Tax to help you get your tax return ready.

One of our team will be in touch within 1 business day to discuss your Crypto Tax Return requirements such as the types of crypto transactions you’ve made, exchanges you’ve used, and whether you need a CTC subscription or bookkeeping.

You’ll also receive an email with some more information about our Crypto Tax Return service and what to expect.

POP are accredited registered tax agents with the Tax Practioner’s Board as well as being a public practice Chartered Accountant firm which is the most reputable and trusted accounting body in Australia.

Our team of highly qualified chartered accountants have over 10 years of experience in the accounting industry, lodging tax returns for both individuals and businesses. 

Our senior accountants are also experts at crypto tax and will ensure you meet your crypto tax obligations.

With POP Tax you know you’ll be getting the best, crypto tax return possible!

POP’s senior accountants are experts at cryptocurrency tax.

We are also partnered with Crypto Tax Calculator, Australia’s leading crypto tax reporting platform, who stay up to date with all the latest in crypto tax legislation from the ATO.

Don’t worry, POP can help you sort our multiple years of crypto tax returns.

The best way to manage this is to sign up with Crypto Tax Calculator to generate captial gains tax reports for each year of transactions.  The great part about CTC in this case is that your subscription allows you to generate multiple reports – you don’t have to pay individually for each tax year!

You can then provide these reports to POP and we can use them to amend you tax returns for prior years as well as lodge your current year returns.

Sign up, and one of our sales reps will provide you with a custom quote!

If you received a notification letter about potential crypto capital gains obligations, that’s ok! The ATO sends out these letters to people to generate awareness about their tax obligations.  Just sign up with POP and we’ll get your crypto tax return sorted.

If you received an letter notifying you that the ATO wants to audit your tax return and capital gains, you have 28 days to take action or amend your tax return.  If you don’t do this, you can liable for additional fees on top of what you actually owe.  Get in touch with us at POP and we can review and amend your tax returns.

Crypto Tax Calculator are our trusted partners for Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting.  Rather than spending the time yourself or paying expensive hourly rates for an accountant to manually calculate the capital gains or loss in AUD for each transaction, the CTC platform can import your transactions and calculate all of this instantly.

CTC helps minimise your tax liability and saves you time by allowing you to import your transactions and CSVs.  Their platform automatically categorises your transaction history and learns from your input. Support for ICOs, OTC, pools, airdrops, mining rewards, lost or stolen funds, crypto payments, and all your favourite exchanges.

With CTC you can:

  • Upload Data – Import CSV or API
  • Review Transactions – Automated categorisation
  • Generate Tax Reports – Get tax reports for all financial years


With Crypto Tax Calculator, your net capital gain/loss is calculated for you. Simply connect to all your exchanges without the need to manually input data. The gain or loss on each sale and exchange is calculated automatically.

Cryptocurrency Bookkeeping is only required when transactions are not able to be automatically calculated and categorised by a tax reporting platform such as Crypto Tax Calculator or if the report generated by another provider is innacurate.

For example if a decentralised finance exchange you have been using is not compatible with CTC, you a POP Tax accountant would have to manually calculate the capital gains/loss and categorise each transaction.

When you sign up for a Crypto Tax Return, our team will ask you a series of questions to determine whether you will require bookkeeping services to ensure you are meeting your ATO crypto tax obligations.

You can view POP’s Crypto Tax Return terms and conditions here

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