Decoding Tax Online – Here’s Why Anyone Can Do It

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We know what you want; an online solution that’s quick and easy and that allows you to get the refund you’re entitled to, without the hassle. You don’t want to have to pay for an accountant or tax advisor when you don’t need one. You want a system that will guide you through the process without using so much industry jargon that you need an advanced degree in finance just to get through it.

Here’s how the POP tax system works

First, it’s written in plain language. Based on the fact that you’re reading this article, you’re overqualified to use the system.

To begin, you start with your income. Well, you don’t really start with anything; all your information related to wages, salary, dividends and interest are automatically filled in using information from the ATO. So really all you need to do is make sure it’s all present and correct.

Congrats! You’re more than halfway to completing your tax return.

Next, we move onto deductions or work-related expenses. This is where the POP system shines, because it will show you what other people in similar occupations claim for. If you’ve ever been to an accountant or tax advisor, they’ll usually ask what you want to claim, and then tell you whether it’s eligible. This system is completely pointless because it solely relies on you knowing what you may be eligible for, then the accountant saying yes or no. If you’re lucky, an accountant may give you a list of potentially claimable areas, but you’re unlikely to find anyone who will benchmark against people similar to you.

The POP system says, “Oh, you are a retail worker or a bricklayer, or a pilot…here’s what you should be claiming and what other people in your profession generally claim.

That was easy. Now answer a few basic questions related to your relationship status and private healthcare insurance, and you’re done.

“But I’m a bit confused about…”

Don’t worry, just flick one of our chartered accountants a message on the website and they’ll come back to you in no time. Our accountants also speak in plain language, so you don’t need to worry about ending up in a long and drawn out pointless conversation. We’re quick, simple and to the point.

The POP tax system is also mobile friendly so you can complete your entire return on your smartphone. We suggest making use of the time you don’t usually enjoy – sitting on the bus on the way to work, dinner at the in-laws, or in the bathroom at work.

Tax Returns in 10 Minutes or less – You’re Welcome

Best of all, your entire return can be completed in around ten minutes, and thanks to our autofill system and suggested deductions, you can confidently submit your return without concern. Oh, and it will be checked twice by an accountant before being submitted to the ATO.

There you go, your tax return is complete, and in less time than your mother-in-law takes to point out your terrible life choices, or for anyone at work to wonder why you’re taking so long in the bathroom.


If you have any further questions, please contact POP or create an account now and unlock an amazing way to maximise your return.

Or visit our Business site for more information. 

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