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POP is an AI-powered online platform that maximises your tax deductions for a much higher return. It’s easy-to-use, super-fast
and costs you less.

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Register for POP now, and you're automatically in the running for a $1K cash prize + a free eBook to help you max your tax back!

How POP makes tax-time not so taxing

What is POP?

POP is a new AI-powered online platform that will max your tax back. Unique to POP is its state-of-the-art Max-Deductible system, an inbuilt intelligent engine that shows you how to maximise your tax deductions for a far higher return.

POP is easy to use, super-fast, and can be up to ten times more cost-effective than using a traditional old-school accountant.

Maxes your tax back
Super-swift processing
Simple to use
Costs you less

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Explaining the Max-Deductible system

POP’s Max-Deductible system is an AI-powered engine that helps you maximise tax deductions according to your occupation.

How Max-Deductible works

Tailored specifically to you, the Max-Deductible system leads you through a comprehensive checklist of every potential tax deduction that someone in your specific occupation might legitimately qualify for, thereby empowering you to maximise your tax refund.


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Register for POP now, and you get a free eBook to help you max your tax back. Plus, you're automatically in the running for a $1K cash prize!

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max your tax back

POP is custom-designed for your industry

Wondering if POP is suitable for someone in your line of work? As you see, we’re tailored to every occupation…

POP’s pricing

POP not only promises the best prices going, we also guarantee to max your tax back. Depending on your situation, we offer a range of options.

Self serve

Low Income

  • It’s only fair. Given you’re only starting out in the job market, POP has kept it nice and low for you. You can use this option if you earn under $20,000.


  • Our most popular option, this is perfect for those whose tax return isn’t that complex but could be higher.


  • This is tailored for anyone who owns a rental property or could be facing Capital Gains Tax.
We do it for you


  • Running your own business and have an ABN? Or just don't want to worry about tax returns. POP will Do-it-For-You!

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