Why am I Lodging my Tax Return with POP?

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At tax time, we all get that feeling of impending dread.

Who has the time or the inclination to wade through receipts or jump onto Google and ask “what should I claim on my tax return?” And then, frustrated, end up going to a tax advisor, paying them a decent chunk of your potential refund, only to discover a few weeks later that you missed a major deduction you could have made?

You’ve got options. There are other apps, tax advisors and accountants that claim to be better, so why POP tax?



No, we mean that we’re simple to use. The POP online tax system will guide you through the entire process of lodging your tax return. Our intuitive software will collect information for you, make suggestions and even point out potential errors.

Your tax problems are solved. Simply.


Our marketing people tell us were supposed to use terms like “cost-effective” or “competitively priced” but that’s just window-dressing. We know how much people hate doing their tax every year so we set out to create an awesome system that’s still affordable for you to use.

Why? Because we want POP tax to be a “no-brainer” when compared with tax agents and other online tax systems. We want you to use POP tax every year and feel like you’ve received great value.

We start at an unbelievable price of $19.


You can complete your tax return in just a few minutes. Better yet, you don’t even have to leave the house and deal with someone you don’t know, in fact…


…you can do it while the cat is sitting on your lap while you’re bingeing on Netflix. Thanks to our simple online tax system, all you need is a smartphone, some thumbs and a cat (optional).


Unless your accountant or tax advisor has worked in your specific industry they probably don’t know enough about what you do in order to offer all the advice you need. After all, they’re only human. Who has the ability to serve dozens of clients every day, all from diverse industries, and have the knowledge to know exactly what all of them should claim? It’s impossible.

We like humans but the POP tax system is able to use a massive amount of data, gathered from the ATO and other sites to offer you a complete picture of what you should be claiming.

The POP system says, “Oh, you are a retail worker or a bricklayer, or a pilot…here’s what you should be claiming and what other people in your profession generally claim for.


Looks aren’t everything, but there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in one’s appearance. Nobody wants to stare at a boring or confusing screen, especially when they could be staring at an exciting screen that’s easy to use and understand.

You’re welcome.


More important than having access to a bunch of information, is being able to use that information effectively. At POP tax, we use data to work with you as an individual, rather than a generic builder, nurse, physiotherapist, or whatever it is you do for a living.

POP Works

Nobody likes doing tax, but everyone loves getting a tax refund. POP lets you get the boring stuff out of the way so that you can get your refund faster. Because money is good, and wasting time is bad.


If you have any further questions, please contact POP or create an account now and unlock an amazing way to maximise your return.

Or visit our Business site for more information. 

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