You Could be Minutes Away from Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars

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Tax returns in 10 Minutes or Less – You’re Welcome

Money may be the root of all evil, but let’s be fair, it’s also nice to have. Especially when it’s unexpected. Here at POP tax, we’ve been known to use our pocket money to buy the important things, like inappropriate board games and cakes. It’s not our business what you do with your money, but what is our business is how easy it is for you to obtain it.

As tax return season descends, you could honestly be a mere 10 minutes away from hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our online tax return system will fill in your income details automatically, and make suggestions for your claims based on what other people in your industry and occupation have claimed.

You know that really annoying conversation you had with your accountant last time you completed your tax return in their office? Here’s how that conversation would have gone if you were speaking to Pop:

“Hi, I’m POP tax”

Our exceptional yet totally non-sentient program would say. “I already know your income details.”

“That’s creepy,” you’d respond.

“You told me your details for this exact purpose.”

“Oh yeah, carry on.”

“You’re a computer programmer.”


“Here’s what other people like you have claimed for and also how much they claimed on average. Does this look right?”


“Cool. I’ll get a couple of accountants to double check your return before I submit it and then it’s all done.

“Okay. This seems too easy.”

“Tax returns are easy; it’s the system that makes them complicated.”

“I love you.”

“I’m an online tool and incapable of human emotion…at least at the moment.”

POP Tax vs. Traditional accountants

You might ask yourself, “if the system is as easy as this then why hasn’t my accountant improved their services so that I can walk in and out in a few minutes with a completed return?” Aren’t they capable of doing the same thing as POP?

Yes. And no.

Traditional accountants could easily get your income details from the ATO, pre-fill in the form and do a bit of research into what you should be claiming. But if the entire process only took a few minutes, how would they justify charging you $160? Also, because our awesome yet very definitely nonhuman system can hold an insane amount of information and benchmark that information against other users, your accountant just can’t compete. The best they could do would be to Google your industry and attempt to apply some assumption and common sense – which are entirely counterintuitive to both accounting and tax law.

Fun, Fast & Affordable

You can complete your tax return in about the same amount of time it takes your coffee to be made. You don’t have to deal with an accountant who is over complicating something simple so that they can make more money out of you. Again, money that you could spend on inappropriate board games or cakes or whatever it is you’re into.

So fire your accountant, save your money, spend less time on boring stuff and eat more cake.


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