About Us

What is POP?

POP is a fintech company on a mission to empower and educate Australians with the right advice and engaging services, starting with simplifying the tax return. The creators of POP, two young Chartered Accountants and a talented software developer, noticed that the current accounting industry had not kept up with the evolution of consumer tastes. The creators understood that Australians value services that are accessible, simple, fast and affordable, hence POP was born. POP was created to be that “lightbulb moment” for all Australians remind everyone that things can change for the better.


POP is ATO authorised and a Registered Tax Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board of Australia #25796386, and is fully licensed to prepare tax returns. The accountants at POP also hold the highest level of qualification for our industry, being Chartered Accountants. You will be getting expert knowledge from the best in the industry, ensuring you claim everything you’re entitled to and your tax return is mistake-free.

Maximum Refund

POP has created the most advanced tax return system in Australia to ensure that you receive those deductions that other accountants don’t know about or that their software hasn’t been designed to bring up. POP optimises your tax refund using the most sophisticated software to ensure expert accounting knowledge is delivered every time in an intuitive way that is tailored to each person.

POP gets you the maximum refund by providing a very specific set of deduction questions based on your occupation. This ensures you don’t miss out on claiming anything! POP also has deduction benchmarking so you can see what other people in your occupation and income range are claiming on average.


POP is Australia’s most trusted and secure tax return lodgement service. POP has SSL Certificate through DigiCert which is the premium security technology and encrypts your data to ensure your information stays private and secure. Any details provided to POP are stored on a secure server which is compliant with the Australia Tax Office. POP is also working towards ISO27001 Certification which is a leading qualification displaying POP’s Best Practice in Information System and Security Management – meaning your information has systems in place to avoid loss of information, unauthorised access, and downtime to our service.

Best prices

POP really is giving the best prices in the market! Some other providers will state that they charge $19.95 but after they add services you need, they start to charge over $50. We have a transparent fee structure of $39 for simple tax returns, $49 for tax return with Capital Gains Tax/Rental Properties, $99 for sole traders with an ABN. We are the cheapest and most straight forward in the market because tax does not need to be complicated.


The streamlined system has been built to allow tax returns to be completed in under 10 minutes. Our connection with ATO allows us to collect information that is attached to your TFN. That means all you have to do is review your information that has been collected by the ATO and add any extra items which have been left out. We expect a simple account to be done in under 5 minutes!

What else?

POP has created the freshest, fastest, easiest and cheapest tax return in Australia! Join the financial revolution with POP to secure a greater financial future for all Australians! Any questions or interested in collaborating, please get in touch at info@pop-tax.com.au

Join POP in making Tax Returns easier, faster, and cheaper for all Australians!

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