Questions on Personal Details

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Welcome to the first section of POP Tax’s platform! This section is where you put your initial information that allows us to identify you so that you can submit your tax return with the ATO.

It’s quite simple really, just be you and you’ll get through.


Usual Suspects

As you would expect, we are asking for your name, dob, and where you live. We need to know who to address, how we can verify you and where we can mail you confirmations.

This section will be very easy for you to complete.

Bank Details

We understand that providing your bank details may feel daunting. That’s why we take your sensitive information very seriously. This information will never be shared with third parties and the only use for this information is to deposit tax refunds when they fall due.

If you are ever worried about someone finding your bank account number you can ask your bank to assess the security of your account otherwise you can just change banks.

Importantly, this is the account we will be sending your refund so make sure you check it twice. Or even thrice, if you don’t want a delay with the money.

Education and Debt

Thanks to the government for providing a great benefit to those who want to advance their career in the direction they choose.

There are 4 main loans that the government have had in the past few decades which you may have obtained.

If you received any of the below, you will need to select “Yes” in this section:

  1. HECS – Higher Education Contributions Scheme
  2. HELP – Higher Education Loan Program
  3. TSL – Trade Support Loan
  4. SFSS – Student Financial Supplement Scheme

If you are uncertain if you have a loan, get in touch with our team in the chat function.

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