She’s your not-so-typical hair colourist, fashion stylist and make-up artist from Hobart. And she uses POP to max her tax back.


Tell us about your work, Donna

“During the day I’m a colourist at a funky little salon in good ol’ Hobart town, but I also pick up a fair bit of extra work on the side, either working as a stylist on fashion shoots or as make-up artist. When it comes to the latter, I’ve done work on the occasional TV commercial, some short films, film clips and other online stuff, but yeah… it’s mainly the hairdressing gig that keeps me solvent these days.”

Come tax-time, what used to go through your brain?

“Umm… how can I find an easier or less expensive way to deal with this? That’s literally what I thought every time. And I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I’ve been happy with my tax return. A couple of times I even owed the Taxman money, can you believe it? Not happy, Jan!”

But not since you started using POP to file your tax return?

“Oh yeah, POP is brilliant. It’s really easy to use, even for something like me who hates online form type things. It’s baby-steps all the way, ha ha!”

How did POP’s intuitive Max-Deductibles system work for you as a hair colourist?

“Basically, it’s helped me list every single expense or deduction I could legitimately claim as someone working in hair styling and the fashion industry, and then maximise those in order to get a really lovely tax return back. I was actually surprised that POP knew my industry so well. I mean, it’s a computer, isn’t it? Spooky, ha ha!”

Would you recommend POP to other people in your line of work?

“One hundred per cent! It’s sooo much cheaper than using an accountant, but you can Live Chat with an accountant if you want to. Once I got all my tax info together, I literally sat down for ten minutes or so, and banged it out. Job done. Tax return filed with the ATO. And I got paid really quickly. You’d be crazy not to use POP. It’s the best online system I’ve seen… and believe me, I’ve tried a few.”

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