She’s your not-so-typical “mumpreneur” from Byron Bay, NSW. And she uses POP to max her tax back.


Tell us about your work, Jo.

“I run my own blog, I’m a part-time writer and journalist, I manage a bunch of holiday house listings (you know what they say about Byron –  no one rents, everyone AirBnBs), and I have an Instagram kids’ clothing store, which is growing really fast. I’m also finishing off my first children’s book with my sister, who is an illustrator.

Come tax-time, what used to go through your brain?

“Doing me tax used to be a total creative killer. The reality is, when I’m not pulling mum duties, I’m on my computer, fielding emails and client enquiries, and always hustling for more work… so sorting out my tax was way down my list of must-dos.”

But not since you started using POP to file your tax return?

“Correct. I mean, the idea of having own personal creative accountant used to be living the dream. But now, I’m just glad there’s finally a modern way to secure a great tax return without forking out a fortune to an accountant.”

How did POP’s intuitive Max-Deductibles system work for a sole-trader like you who has a number of side-hustles on the go?

I loved POP’s automatic checklist of deductions. It literally walked me through everything I could claim, and what those deduction benchmarks were. I learned there was a whole lot of deductibles and expenses I never thought or even knew to include before. So, being able to maximise those across all my little side-hustles… well, let’s just say when my tax return came in my poor credit card just gave a sigh of sweet relief!”

Would you recommend POP to other sole-traders or side-hustlers like yourself?

“I would, yes. If you’re building a few little businesses, you might assume you need an accountant. But with POP, I didn’t. And even when I did have questions, I was able to Live Chat with one of their real-life accountants and it only cost me $129. If you think about it, a normal accountant might have cost me three times or more than that in the past. In the end, POP snaffled me a really sweet tax return. Sure, all the money went back into my businesses, but still… every little bit helps, right?”

Are you an entrepreneurial sole-trader or side-hustler like Jo? Would you like to know:

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