She’s a not-so-typical registered nurse from Coffs Harbour. And she uses POP to max her tax back.

Tell us about your work, Safiya.

“I’m a first-year nurse working in the local hospital. My mum was a nurse and my dad was a doctor (how cliche is that?), and so I guess I’m following in their footsteps a little. It can be a really hard job. Late nights. Lots of tears. Lots of laughs, too. But I love it. I feel like I’m doing something important.”

Come tax-time, what used to go through your brain?

“Ha! Well, if anything was going through my brain other than furious resentment over how so much of my poor money was going to the taxman, then it was probably, ‘How can I make this painful process go any shorter?’ To use a nursing analogy… give me more meds, ha ha!”

But not since you started using POP to file your tax return?

“Yep. I’m now a total gun when it comes to doing my tax. Watch me go, ha ha! Thanks POP! No, seriously. As a nurse, when you work so hard and give so much, just feeling empowered to make sure I get back as much on my tax as I possibly can is a pretty amazing feeling.”

How did POP’s intuitive Max-Deductibles system work for you as a nurse?

“Kinda weirdly, it seemed to know everything I could claim. Like, its inbuilt deductibles list is super-detailed. It knew stuff about my job and what I could claim as expenses that I didn’t even know. I mean, no one ever tells you this stuff. And it’s not like I could afford an accountant on my salary because we all know what first-year nurses get paid, right? I might as well have given my entire tax return away. But with POP, I discovered a whole range of other expenses I could claim against my tax, and… viola… I got my best tax return EVER!”

Would you recommend POP to other nurses?

“I have and I did. I’m close friends with a bunch of the other first-years, and I showed a couple of them POP in our lunch break. They’re all using it now. Even some of the older nurses are super-impressed. It felt good to be able to teach them something for a change. I guess that makes me an early adopter and total tax trend-setter, right? Ha ha!”

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