She’s a not-so-typical registered nurse from Randwick, Sydney. And she uses POP to max her tax back.


Tell us about your work, Sammy

“I’m a nurse. I work in the children’s wards. It’s pretty long hours sometimes and it can be both heartbreaking and emotionally exhausting, but working with kids is also incredible and very rewarding. They are the bravest little humans ever sometimes. I love my job.”

Come tax-time, what used to go through your brain?

“To be honest, I’m usually exhausted by the time I get home, and there’s never any time to sort my tax out in my lunch break. Assuming I even get one, that is! I mean, I eventually get around to it. You kinda have to, don’t you? But I guess I’m so used to looking after my patients, I forget about myself sometimes.”

But not since you started using POP to file your tax return?

“Exactly! Thanks to POP, I was able to sort out my life admin when it come to my tax.”

How did POP’s intuitive Max-Deductibles system work for you as a nurse?

“Well, I just loved having something that did all the thinking for me about the deductibles I could claim. I mean, a lot of them I didn’t even know I qualified for before. So that was wonderful. You really don’t earn much as a nurse, so being able to maximise my deductions was really, really good.”

Would you recommend POP to other nurses?

“Definitely 100%. Like a lot of other nurses at my hospital, we’re all desperately saving for a home deposit, so every extra dollar we claw back in tax always goes straight towards our savings.”

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