She’s your not-so-typical childcare worker from Albury, Victoria. And she uses POP to max her tax back.

Tell us about your work, Yana

“I work in childcare for a couple of different early learning and childcare centres. I also do a fair bit of babysitting on the side and teach music on the weekends. I guess you could say my whole life is spent with children, but I actually genuinely love it.”

Come tax-time, what used to go through your brain?

“It’s a chore. I used to hate it so much. When I was younger, my Dad used to do it for me, but once I started working at different jobs I kind of had to take over because it was too much work. So yeah, not much fun. And not much to show from it, either.”

But not since you started using POP to file your tax return?

“I know, right? I literally had no idea there was all this stuff I could claim as a childcare worker, especially with some of the optional extra training I do, like the online courses I take in child psychological and social development. It’s actually been great.

 How did POP’s intuitive Max-Deductibles system work for you as a childcare worker?

“Well, for a start, POP gave me this really detailed list on everything I could possibly claim in deductions. You tell it what your job is, and then it just seems to know all the expenses you can list. A lot of them were things I didn’t even bother putting down before. I certainly saw the difference once my tax return came in. It was a bit of a ‘wow’ moment. I was pretty happy about it. Even my Dad was blown away.”

 Would you recommend POP to other childcare workers?

“I already have, ha ha! I mean, we all put so much into the kids we look after, and it can be pretty exhausting at times. So, to think you can claim more of your tax back from the Taxman is a big relief. We all definitely deserve a little extra back sometimes, let me tell you. A good tax return pays for those bills when you really need it.

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