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Explaining the Max-Deductible system

POP’s Max-Deductible system is an intelligent online engine that helps you maximise tax deductions according to your occupation.

How Max-Deductible works

Tailored specifically to you, the Max-Deductible system leads you through a comprehensive checklist of every potential tax deduction that someone in your specific occupation might legitimately qualify for, thereby empowering you to maximise your tax refund.

  • Deductions tailored to your occupation
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use and fast
  • Optimize your tax back

Isn’t it about time you traded in your old accountant for an intelligent online engine​​?

Want to know what they claimed?

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  • The most common tax deductions someone in my line of work claims
  • How much people in my occupation can successfully claim for each deduction
  • And a foolproof checklist of everything I’ll need ready for POP to max my tax back
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  • Your credit card... [sigh]

POP’s pricing

POP not only promises the best prices going, we also guarantee to max your tax back. Depending on your situation, we offer a range of options.

Self serve
$19 $19

Low Income

  • It’s only fair. Given you’re only starting out in the job market, POP has kept it nice and low for you. You can use this option if you earn under $20,000.
$ $49


  • Our most popular option, this is perfect for those whose tax return isn’t that complex but could be higher.
$ $99


  • This is tailored for anyone who owns a rental property or could be facing Capital Gains Tax.
We do it for you
$ $149


  • Running your own business and have an ABN? Or just don't want to worry about tax returns. POP will Do-it-For-You!

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Curious to see how much tax
you’ll get back
this year?

* only for low income & simple returns

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