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There are loads of options when it comes to completing your tax return.

Perhaps you would enjoy a visit to an accountant or tax advisor, who are legendary for their entertaining dry humour. Maybe you would like to jump on a government supplied website, where the word, “free” is used with reckless abandon, despite the fact that you are more likely to pay the price in the form of a reduced refund.

Don’t be shocked; it’s the government. Or you can jump online and complete your tax refund with POP, where all your dreams will come true. At least your tax dreams… if you dream about tax. Which would be weird.

Remember when you were a kid and your teacher sprung a surprise test on you and you were painfully, potentially embarrassingly, ill-prepared? You had two options; either do your best and get told off by Mrs Cartwright, or copy off Katie Smith, who was good at pretty much everything. POP lets you copy off Katie for your taxes, and she’s still pretty awesome, also she’s not dating that weirdo Tim Milligan anymore.

You see, POP isn’t just good value for money and easy-to-use, it also shows you the ballpark where other people in your profession and tax bracket are playing in. Best of all, Katie isn’t going to get you in trouble when she catches you cheating.

POP Saves You Money with Stats

And those statistics come direct from the ATO, so you know they’re legit. Don’t lose sleep worrying that you’ve claimed too much because your accountant doesn’t know the first thing about your industry…POP is smarterer.

POP Saves You Time with Instructions

Some tax software feels like it’s been designed for accountants. Complex terminology and weird acronyms are great when you’re trying to sound clever, but if you’re doing your best to get your return finished before your coffee break’s finished, it’s the last thing you want.

POP uses words that real humans can understand and a process that’s been designed to be understood by our intern, Jacob who plays too much Xbox.

POP Saves You Money by Giving Expert Advice

Does your accountant or tax advisor know anything about your industry or job? If they’ve spent their entire working life in an office, how can they possibly understand the average wear and tear on safety equipment, or how often people replace their hi-viz clothing.

POP knows.

POP Saves You Time with Technology

With POP, you don’t need to commute across down to sit in a tiny office with someone who knows nothing about you and churns out dozens of generic claims each day. Also, the office smells weird. Instead, POP lets you complete your return in the comfort of your own home, office, café or plastic surgery waiting room (we’re not judging). Because getting the right information for you, in an easy to use fashion shouldn’t be a hassle.

At POP, we love free time and getting the best return possible, so join us now.


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