Tax Tips for Hospitality Workers

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What can Hospitality Workers Claim For?

“Can I have a double brakenberry and fleck?” asked the blonde girl with a nose ring, almost screaming over the music.
“Sorry, what?” you respond, catching the eye of the nearest security guard.
“You know,” she slurs, “a…. wait…. what? Brakenbrake.”
She nods. “Good idea.”

Working in hospitality can be fun. You get to meet interesting people, get burnt by the latest cooking appliances and have intellectual conversations with people who are no doubt incredibly articulate during the day.

Whether you’re a chef, a bartender, a venue manager or a maître d′, you’re working in one of the most unpredictable and challenging industries in existence, so you deserve a brilliant tax refund. Luckily, the POP app is designed with you in mind and will guide you though the process of maximising your tax return. But just for you, here are a few extra tips, taken straight from POP

You Can Claim for Clothing

You’ve probably been told that you can’t claim for clothing because it’s not required for your work specifically, but there are some (massive) exceptions. If you’re a chef, for example, you can claim for your chef’s hat, shirt and pants. You can also claim for uniforms – either branded or compulsory items of clothing – and protective clothing such as protective footwear and gloves.

You Can Claim for Equipment…

…as long as it’s used in your job. Cocktail shakers, chef’s knives and utensils and even a computer or tablet if you use it. You can also claim depreciation if the equipment is worth more than $300. Also, if you have your equipment repaired or maintained by professionals, you can claim for the associated costs.

Home Office

This is especially important if you run a hospitality business, or have management responsibilities that require you to work from home. You may be able to claim for a home office if you have an ‘established pattern of use,’ meaning that you work from home regularly, or if not you can claim per hour usage.

So Many Other Things

You can claim for training and up-skilling costs, work-related phone calls and any publications you’re subscribed to that relate to your job. Additionally, if you require industry certification or licensing you can claim for that too. Do you work outside? Then you can claim for sunglasses and sunscreen. Do you sometimes perform deliveries, or need to travel between venues mid-shift? You may be able to claim for those also.

Such a diverse industry requires specialist attention; either someone who has done you the exact job before and now knows all about tax returns or some kind of application that knows your industry. Also, that app should be able to tell you what people in your job are claiming for and for how much. And it should be really easy to use and it shouldn’t take any longer than ten minutes to complete the return and it should be available on mobile so that you can complete your return on the couch.



Our friendly team at POP are ready to any questions that you have. You can contact us at or call at 1300 268 893.

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