Tax Tips for Office Workers

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What can Office Workers Claim For?

  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Professional Fees
  • Subscriptions
  • Charity Donations

Administration and office support staff never get any of the glory. There aren’t any conferences to celebrate the accuracy of paperwork or the correct filing of documentation. Awards always go to those glory hogs in sales and those well-preened marketers…whose job makes no sense to anyone.

We can’t explain what marketing people do, but we can help you tick all the boxes when you’re completing your tax return. If you’d like the cheap, easy and effective way, just jump onto POP website and let our smart little tax tool guide you through the process. It’ll even give you tips on what to claim, along with average claim amounts for other people in your job and industry. If you’re determined to do it the hard way, make sure you’re speaking to an advisor who understands your job in detail and that you don’t miss the following five claimable items:


If you’re required to travel locally for work, then you’ve got an easy deduction. Whether you’re using your own vehicle to pick up something for the office, or if you need to jump on the bus to grab something from another location, you can claim for the costs. Think things like bus fare, train tickets and car mileage. Travel and stay overnight? Even better – plane tickets and a bunch of other costs may also be on the list.


It’s common for office workers to buy bits and pieces for work. A stapler, diary and pens are obvious contenders, so make sure you keep receipts and claim for them when tax season rolls around. Perhaps write it down in that flash notebook you bought yourself.

Professional Fees

Are you a member of an industry body, or professional group directly linked to your job? If so, you can most likely claim the associated fees. Just make sure you ask for your receipts to be emailed to you, and keep a file of them on your computer for future reference.


Magazines, websites and industry-related news sites are all deductible items if you paid for them yourself. Keeping yourself up to speed with changes and improvements in your industry is admirable, and if you take that burden on, you can reap the benefits at tax time.

Charitable Donations

When you’re working in an office, there’s always a cause that needs your help. You grow the moustache (if you’re capable) for Movember, buy the biscuits for a colleague’s daughter’s school trip and pay $10 to wear casual clothes for some reason.

You’re literally paying to wear your own clothes.

But there’s good news – you can claim for all your donations, as long as you keep receipts and make sure you know where they are when tax season starts.

Being a member of the office support team is a role that often goes unrecognised. You don’t get the glory or the accolades, but at least you can get what you’re entitled to at tax time.


If you have any further questions, please contact POP or create an account now and unlock an amazing way to maximise your return. 

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