Tax Tips for Part Time Workers

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What can Part-Time Workers Claim For?

  • Travel
  • Home Office
  • Clothing
  • Equipment
  • Stationary

The popularity of part-time work is skyrocketing. Businesses are learning that it’s often easier and more cost-effective to hire highly capable people who can complete tasks effectively within in a shorter period then is to hire full-time staff. Part-time workers are reaping the rewards – multiple incomes, shorter work weeks and more flexibility. Along with freelancing, part-time work is a growth area and very often a win-win for employers and employees.

However, from a tax perspective, things are a little more complicated. With multiple incomes, you may find yourself paying additional tax, so it’s important you receive every tax refund you’re entitled to. Here’s what you should look for when completing your tax return:

Things are a little bit tricky if you have a few jobs.

The tax-free threshold in Australia is $18,200. Meaning, if you earn more than that and paid tax, then you need to lodge a tax return. However, if you have multiple jobs then there may be implications and you should talk to your tax specialist – and that specialist should be us!


If you are required to travel to your job, then you can claim for reasonable associated expenses. Importantly, this means that if you are required to use your own vehicle to travel between offices, or if you need to pick something up using public transport, then you can make a valid claim. Of course, this does not apply to travel to and from work.

Home Office

Part-time workers – especially those with children – are often given flexibility when it comes to location. If you have a dedicated area in your home put aside for work, then you may be able to claim a percentage of your expenses.


Do you have clothing you are required to wear for work? Safety clothing? A branded uniform? If it is a genuine requirement for your job, then you may be able to claim it as a tax-deductible expense. If you have multiple uniforms, then all the better and the same goes for required safety equipment such as steel boots and hi-viz apparel.


Speaking of safety, if you have any equipment that is relevant to your role then you should take a picture of the receipt. This includes tools of trade and anything else you need to complete your job safely and effectively.


Sometimes it’s just easier to buy your own stationery or get something printed rather than wait for the office machine that is always broken anyway. If you purchase any stationery for your job, then keep the receipt and make sure you get what you are eligible to receive.

Part-time employment – at least from a tax perspective – isn’t as straightforward as it probably should be. It’s important to learn what you are eligible for and make sure you don’t shortchange yourself.


If you have any further questions, please contact POP or create an account now and unlock an amazing way to maximise your return.

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