Tax Tips for Retail Workers

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What can Retail Workers Claim For?

  • Work-Related Technology
  • Vehicle Expenses
  • Stationary
  • Books and Magazines
  • Equipment and Safety Clothing
  • Cleaning

Working in retail is the very best and worst of jobs. You get days off during the week and when it’s busy, the days fly by. Also, you get invited to product knowledge sessions (with booze), and when it’s quiet, you can go into the storeroom and play cricket.

But then there are the late nights, managers that shouldn’t be in charge of anything and ever-changing rules for discounting products…or not discounting them. It’s enough to make anyone drink more than they should at a product knowledge session.

But here’s more good news – you’re probably not claiming for everything you’re eligible for at tax time. But, POP is here to help and our online system is designed with retail workers in mind so you can get what you’re entitled to and lodge your return in less time than it takes for your 2 pm smoke break. Even though you don’t smoke and just stand out the front of the store, basking in the sun.

Here’s a taste of what you should be claiming for –

Work-Related Technology

If you use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop for work, then you can claim a percentage of the costs. The same goes for other technologies that you need for work. Also, if you are required to do some work from home you may be able to claim for home office expenses.

Vehicle Expenses

If you are required to travel between stores for merchandising, product transfers or the management of multiple locations, then you will be able to claim for vehicle expenses. This doesn’t include travel to and from work, however.


If you purchase pens, notebooks or any other stationery for work then make sure you keep the receipts and claim for them at tax time. Most people don’t bother with a pencil here, and a notepad there, but all of these costs quickly stack up, so make sure you use your phone to take a picture of the receipts and add them up at tax time.

Books and Magazines

If you buy industry-related books and magazines, they can be claimed for. Even if it’s for your own enjoyment because you’re passionate about the product, it’s still counted as a business-related expense.

Equipment and Safety Clothing

The bag you use to carry your equipment or supplies to work, the mandatory safety equipment – including gloves for moving product – can all be claimed for. If you’re using it for work and have to purchase it yourself then make a note of the purchase.


You may be eligible to claim for dry cleaning or washing machine costs if you are required to wear a uniform. To learn more about this, jump into POP website and we’ll give you the average claims made by people in your industry.


If you have any further questions, please contact POP or create an account now and unlock an amazing way to maximise your return. 

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