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Please ensure you read and understand the following terms and conditions, which apply to your engagement of POP Tax Pty Ltd (POP) via its Same Day Tax Refunds service, for the purposes of completing an Individual tax return (ITR) which, if any tax refund is estimated as payable to you by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), may enable you to be paid a same-day tax refund from POP (SDTR).

Your contract is in writing and consists of these Terms and Conditions and any other terms which you sign when registering for the POP tax platform and completing your tax return.

If you have any questions relating to the following information, please ask the POP adviser that is assigned to you who will provide the clarity you need.

Tax Refunds

  1. POP cannot guarantee that, upon lodgement of your ITR, any tax refund will in fact be paid to you by the ATO. If it is estimated that no tax refund will be paid to you by the ATO, you are not eligible to receive a SDTR but you must still pay our fee for providing the service of preparing your ITR. You agree that you must pay us this fee whether or not you are entitled to a tax refund from the ATO.

  2. If your ITR is lodged with the ATO before 4pm AEST Monday – Friday, the sum of any tax refund estimated to be payable to you by the ATO will be paid to you by us in advance, via EFT from our bank to your nominated financial institution, on the day we lodge your ITR. If an ITR is lodged after 4pm, any SDTR will be processed on the next business day.

  3. Any SDTR can only be processed via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

  4. POP makes no representations as to the length of time it will take your financial institution to deposit the sum of any SDTR into your bank account, and POP cannot guarantee that any sum paid to your bank account will be received by you on the same day because this is outside of POP’s control.

  5. Though POP may still lodge your ITR for you, you are not eligible to receive a SDTR if any of the following apply
    1. you are not an individual person; or
    2. this is your first time lodging an ITR; or
    3. you owe a debt to any of the following: Centrelink, Child Support, Australian Taxation Office, Family Assistance Office, Collection Agency, POP or its related entities, or any other government agency who may recover debt via the ATO; or
    4. you require multiple ITRs to be prepared (for example, multiple ITRs for multiple years); or
    5. it is estimated that there will be no tax refund paid to you by the ATO; or
    6. POP considers that it cannot do so for any other reason.

  6. The maximum SDTR which may be paid to you is $1,000.

  7. If there is any change to the sum of a tax refund estimated to be payable to you by the ATO after POP lodges your ITR (whether by subsequent variation to your return, or otherwise), you must repay to POP the sum of any overpayment of the SDTR, within seven days of receiving a written notice from POP.

  8. You agree to the following conditions:
    1. All prior year tax returns have been lodged and assessed by the ATO
    2. You agree you have not had any SPER, Child Support, Centrelink debts deducted by the ATO during the past 2 years
    3. You agree you do not owe the ATO any monies (HECS excluded – will be included in your return)
    4. You agree to sign the Fee from Refund for your refund to be paid into POP’s trust account, with fees deducted then remaining refund paid to you

Fees & Processing

  1. Before lodging your ITR, POP requires that you provide copies of all documentation it needs and requests, including to verify the information in your ITR. POP also requires that you pay its fee, which at your election may be paid by credit card or by deduction from any SDTR which would otherwise be paid to you.

  2. POP receives any tax refund paid to you by the ATO, into its trust account. You agree and authorise POP to receive any tax refund into its trust account, and to retain from that tax refund the amount of any SDTR paid to you. If the sum of the tax refund received from the ATO is higher than the SDTR sum paid to you, POP will pay you any balance. If the sum of the tax refund received from the ATO is lower than the SDTR sum paid to you, you must repay to POP the balance within seven days of receiving a written notice from POP.

  3. There is approximately a 14-28 day wait for any tax refunds from the ATO. POP is not responsible for any delays caused by processing, audit or any other requirements resulting from the ATO’s processes or requirements.

  4. Prices quoted on the POP website are for preparation and lodgement of one ITR for the current year only and are inclusive of GST.

  5. Prices quoted are for ITRs we consider to be standard. Additional charges may apply for complications to your ITR and extra services, including (but not limited to) investment income, rental property and sole trader ABN returns. We will advise of the pricing before you lodge your return and you will need to agree to our pricing by digitally signing the return.


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