8 Things Students can Claim….

8 Things Students can Claim….

Tax is a funny beast. This means students can claim expenses that are incurred whilst working in a career related to the field of study. If you have any doubts, get in touch with us to ensure you are confident in making one of the claims below. Here are eight things you can claim:

students can claim Ipads

1. Ipad

Yes, that’s right. If you need an Ipad for your studies, add that to your deductions.


Students can claim books

2. Books

This one is pretty common, but just in case – Claim books including textbooks and notebooks.


students can claim stationary

3. Stationary

Do you use pens, markers or other writing instruments for your course? Claim them!


4. Laptop, Macbook, or PC

This one is a goodie. You can claim the depreciation of your laptop, Mac or any study device. Students can claim the ‘decay’ (age) of usage.


Students can claim fees

5. Fees

Just to be clear – unfortunately,  students cannot claim HECS but can claim upfront fees including union fees, student services fees or amenity fees. 


6. Seminars – Additional Courses

Claim extracurricular courses that are beneficial to your career. It can be a short course or long course.


Students can claim power

7. Living Expenses

Living out of your parent’s home and pay for power and internet? Claim a portion of your home used for study and work purposes. May as well throw a party in the study (jokes)!


8. Most Importantly – Tax Returns

The cost associated with your tax returns is tax deductible! That’s right, if you use POPTAX, you can claim the fee you pay to complete your tax return. Sign Up today.


Why do students love POP TAX?

Maximum refund guarantee. Try the calculator.

That’s right, students use Pop Tax’s to complete their tax returns because it’s tailored to students guaranteeing the maximum refund possible. Our platform will prompt claims and help determine the best tax return.

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